SEO Company Wagga Wagga – Beware the SEO Traps.

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SEO Company Wagga Wagga – Beware the SEO Traps.

SEO Agencies in Wagga Wagga may all look the very same, but if you develop enough awareness you can protect yourself from falling into ploys.

Several years ago when I was finding out the value of SEO, I paid about $1,500 monthly to one of the country’s best Online Marketing Companies. This particular company was well known in the media as one of the fastest growing businesses in the country. A real success story. After about 3-4 months they had my website ranking very high on the first page of Google, around a range of keywords. I was excited and money started to come in every day from online sales. I remember asking the owner of the business one day what would happen if I quit paying the $1,500 per month. He replied, then you would return to page 5 of Google and that would be the end for you. Not knowing too much at the time I remember feeling very uncomfortable about that idea, but the money was rolling is so hey, what was the problem? And I am sure that lots of Wagga Wagga business would have done the same thing.

One day I will never forget I did my typical keyword search and my website was gone. I was no longer ranked 1st or 2nd – I was gone. In horror I clicked to page 2 and still nothing, then page 3, nothing. By then it seemed like all the blood had left my body and I was in a state of shock. I don’t remember what page the website was on but it was terrible. In a state of panic I called my SEO Company and asked what the hell had been done. They mentioned some kind of a Google update and all their websites had lost rankings. Naturally, it wasn’t too much longer afterwards I stopped paying $1,500 per month to be on page 4. I felt I could handle that page on my own.

For those of you from Wagga Wagga that know a bit about the history of SEO, my website had gone through a major Penguin update and my agency, who are no longer in business, had simply bought spammy links and bought traffic. It worked well for a while. They built a multi-million dollar business around it, but when Google altered the algorithm that was the end of that.

Even as a CEO of an SEO Company working for Wagga Wagga, I am a fervent believer that if you must know the fundamentals of SEO if you want to run a successful business. Yes you may approach an SEO Company, but if you physically don’t understand the basics or penalties and Google updates, then you may fall into a trap and be at the whim of a dodgy agency that uses cheapo and outdated techniques. Even if you 100 % outsource your online marketing you still should know what’s happening. Never forget that it’s your business, your livelihood.

With that in mind, here are a couple of questions for you to ask when searching for a Wagga Wagga SEO Company.

– Does the SEO firm have the ability to do all aspects of web design and coding?

– Will they also evaluate your competitors’ sites and businesses to determine which sites in your industry are doing well and why?

– Does the SEO Company have content writers in-house?

– Does the SEO Company have a link strategy for your site?

– Does the SEO firm handle your social media tactic?

– Do they incorporate AdWords/Pay Per Click (PPC) management as a component of their plan?

– Is the SEO Company seeking to understand your sales technique?

– How do they handle coverage and communication?

– Do they offer you quick-fix promises?

If you are searching for a few suggestions and pieces of advice that will help you to save some effort, time, and even a bit of money when it comes to choosing an SEO Company, then call us and we will answer each one of your questions. Contact Internet Marketing Experts Wagga Wagga on 1300 595 013 or visit,

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